Thursday, February 11, 2010

Elephant Bath

Finally my Elephant Bath is complete. Enjoy

What if one of this days your mother invites you to a muddy bath. I'm glad that those things only happen to elephants, who love to take a shower on muddy places.

some sketches before the final idea
a Short preview of how it look without the details on the sky and grass


  1. ha ha ha ha ha!! OMG how cute is this! Oh this is wonderful. There is a story in there I know it. Love the illustration and the characters are wonderful. The looks on their faces, the shower cap and all. Your style is wonderful indeed. Great work.

  2. Johana, thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lot of fun illustrations here. I can't wait to see more.

  3. Hola! Muchas gracias por pasarte a comentar ^^
    Muy simpatica esta hora del abaño :)

  4. Genial. Me encanta! Me gustaría tenerlo en camiseta para niños, ´puedes agregar este gráfico a la tienda. Thanks.

  5. wow your work is simply amazing :D love your style esp the elephants - they are absolutely adorable!

  6. Achei suas ilustrações muito bonitas tambem!!!!!

  7. querida prima, me alegra mucho conocer de tu trabajo; me encantaria q pudieras escribirme a el correo att: Angelica Sabrina Mazuera

  8. your blog is rather splendid
    just putting it out there! :-)

    x x