Monday, January 11, 2010

Secret box

I'm back with Autodesk Maya
Last year I decided to leave the 3d software and do hand drawing illustration, so i could rest from the terrible headaches this program gave for graduation, also recover my hand drawing skills. Now that i am perfectly recovered, I decided to do this cute illustration with my old friend Maya.First i did this version of the graphic, but i thought that something was missing, so i added more reflections and more lights to the scene.
Finally the scene ended like this.When the modeling was ready I painted everything in photoshop, except for the background of the walls, for this i used a wallpaper for a kid room, the design of this wallpaper is not an original work of mine, but the design of the scene and all the 3d process of it is my work.


  1. I like it. Never tried 3d software before, must be fun!

  2. Great job. Maya is a nightmare! Lovely work! :)

  3. Very nice! I spent about a year working with Maya during school, I can sympathize with those headaches. It's killer.

  4. I love it Johanna! its me angel =D!


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  7. I can imagine the whole story trough a single picture of the star. Create the story, children will love it. What a talent you have sis!