Sunday, September 27, 2009


Two days ago i saw a sea turtle near the beach, observing its shell gave the idea of creating this design for pattern.
I simplified the form of an eye and place it around the design, by doing this the patterns make some kind of optical illusion when you stare at them for a while.
I hope you enjoy my illustration.


  1. Hi Johana,

    These patterns are so beautiful! I love colors you chose and the way the highlighted balls stand out. The movement is also wonderful!


  2. Johana, these are gorgeous patterns! They would make very lovely jewel brooches, don't you think? I had a chance to browse through your blog, and I have to tell ya, you are crazy talented! Wow!

  3. Great design. I loved hearing about your inspiration! :)

  4. Hello
    thank you for visiting my blog
    i really appreciate your comments

  5. Hi Johana - it's so very nice of you to stop by! Thank you so much for your generous and kind words! Great pattern here! Isn't nature amazing. You have some great posts here..and I especially love your blog header!

  6. Venessa, How wonderful are your designs and your fantastic style!!! Great work! I love your colors they really pops!!! Great work again!!